Admission in to Post Basic Nursing Progamme for 2023/2024
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Dr Anbar Amin (MBBS, MPH, DFM)


Prompt and efficient Health Care delivery remains the main focus of the department.


Residency training program in family medicine is offered as supranumery in a different teaching hospital.


Patients are being clinically examined, investigated and given first line primary care management at GOPD. Nursing procedures such as observation of the vital signs, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Temperature, Body Weight measurement, Injections and Wound Dressings etc are provided.

Patients are being Triage those that are acutely ill and needs to be resuscitated or observed are send to Accident & Emergency, Gynaecology Emergency or Emergency Paediatrics Units as the case may be.

Patients that require specialist attention are being referred to appropriate specialist clinics.


The General out Patient clinic (GOPD) is the entry point of all patients coming to the hospital. The department is saddled with the primary responsibility of caring for all incoming patients being first timers or during subsequent visits that do not require specialist attention, hence provides clinical and nursing services to patients.

The GOPD is made up of Filter, Staff, NHIS and Retainership clinics being manned by the doctors, nurses and other supporting staff.

2021 had been a tough year with the discovery of Covid-19 in December 2019, a new infection disease.  As covid-19 infection began to be reported around the world, necessary precaution were taken even at GOPD –Social distancing, hand sanitizer made available and face mask for all staff and patients.

The department has meetings for its regular clinical presentations and case reviews on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as it relates to proper patient care and management from 8am to 9am.

The GOPD operates two Duty schedules Monday to Friday.

Morning Duty 8am – 2pm

Afternoon Duty 2pm – 8pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays Morning Duty 9am – 2pm.


  • Improvement of quality health care delivery to the patients
  • Develop good communications skills between staff and patients
  • Improve on Triage and Reduce Patients waiting time at the GOPD
  • Full Implementation of NHIS secondary service referral protocol.
  • Sustenance of Evening duty coverage from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Strengthening the Departmental Clinical Presentations and strengthening of departmental training for improve service delivery.
  • Tracking of progresses of residents send out for training in family medicine.
  • Movement of NHIS and Retainership clinics to the new NHIS complex.
  • Staff enabling environment more offices and work stations. Departmental seminar room, library & common rooms for doctors, Nurses and other staff to enhance research and learning.
  • Submission of report of Achievements for the year including performance evaluation of staff individual goals reports.
  • Submission of proposal for the year 2023.


The department operates with staff strength of 20 Doctors at the GOPD made up of 4 Chief Medical Officer, 1 Senior Registrar, 4 Registrars, 5 Principal Medical Officers, 3 Senior Medical Officers and 3 Medical Officers.

Attached is the update record of doctors in the department.

There are 17 Nurses manning the Nursing bay at Filter and Retainership clinics of these 12 are at the Filter Clinic and 5 at Retainership clinic.

The Medical Records Unit had 20 staff distributed as follows: Filter 10, Retainership 5 and NHIS 5.

Porters: 16 porters in all; 11 at Filter Clinic and 5 at Retainership clinics