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Briskila Albert Sambo (mrs)


    The library was founded by the Dr. Ali Gombe Led Administration in the year 2001, at the temporary administrative block of the Hospital then known as the Federal Medical Centre. The library building is now the day care centre of the Hospital as the library was moved to the present Administeration Block. Work commenced in the library in June 2001 with the employment of  a Librarian.

Dr. Ali  Gombe the then Medical Director was very instrumental to the establishment of the library.

    The Library equipments then were few temporary shelves, tables and chairs retrived from the store, wards and other units while the initial library collections were some donated materials

From the British council Book  Aids, and some individuals before the purchase of more books, journals and equipments.


A library which commenced operation with just few donated collection, only one staff and later 3 is now holding a collection of morethan 2000 books, 40 journal tittles and magazines, news letters from various institutions and 20 set of computer systems for the library services.


As a teaching Hospital where Teaching and Research activities are common and order of the day our vision is the expandsion and establishement of library complex that can accommodate all sectors available in a complete library.

The harmony of all the Departmental libraries in the Hospital, this is to render adequate, smooth and satisfactory library services and information needs of the community, for teaching and research, preservation and management of the information resources available for access to all in the community (Hospital) and other wise


The library in addition to its reader services also render photo copy

services , News paper, current affairs , spiral Binding services

and e library services.


To be leading and one of the best medical libraries in Nigeria in general and the best Teaching Hospital library of our generation. Stocked with current materials and information resources, to be able at any point in time to access current and latest findings in the field of Medical\ health related issues trough the use of the e- library, maintening the functionality.


The library liazes with the Hospital training committee for the training of its staff. Officers are allowed to go on training one at a time every year as they are qualified to IT students of other institutions of higher learning and corpse members are occassionaly posted for experience and service to the nation.


The library currently is operating with a staff

trained of Nine (9) personnel, all trained officers.

Seven, including a corpe member are trained in

the area of librarianship.